SafePass for Schools

COVID-19 is proving to be a nasty foe when it comes to getting back to safe, face-to-face learning while trying to avoid an outbreak.

School administrators are struggling to find the right balance between competing safety guidelines.


Parents fear sending their children into an unknown environment with unproven safety tactics.

Faculty and staff are being exposed to students whose attitudes toward health and safety are in question.

Students return to their households and community businesses with no knowledge of possible exposure.

SafePass is an Early-Waring System that helps you stay ahead of COVID-19.

Administrators can respond to a threat prescriptively, instead of reacting with full school or District closures.

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Physical & Digital Process

You’ve incorporated physical safety measures like social distancing, sanitization stations, and face masks. By including a daily, digital process of capturing and logging students’ symptoms, you now have the foundation to identify potential risks and proactively respond when potential situations arise.

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Insights Analysis

Data is what powers advanced early-warning systems, and in this case, the data is made up, in part, by personal health information (PHI). SafePass is built on MyWay Health EMR, a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system. Risk alerts are generated without jeopardizing personal privacy.

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Response Protocol

When SafePass identifies potential health situations, automated workflows trigger response protocols, alerting those who were affected by the situation, the school’s administrators and COVID Coordinators, and local health officials when appropriate. This saves valuable time, empowering administrators to act fast.

Utah parents! Help us promote working solutions to keeping schools open and safe.

Everything is counting on our kids staying in school, so why hasn’t more been done to prepare parents and schools for staying open? The fear of not knowing forces administrators to close schools and school districts. Having access to information empower a change to a more prescriptive response, keeping healthy kids in school and learning.  Sign this petition to ask our legislators to do more.

Helping Utah Schools

MyWay Health created a SafePass to protect students, teachers, and administrators by arming them with information. We see MyWay Health EHR with SafePass as the primary source of truth for tracking and reporting individual and organizational practices and compliance for schools and communities.

To support non-invasive contact tracing, SafePass is integrated with the OneRoster specification, a standard for securely sharing student information across business-critical education systems. This integration allows SafePass to overlay student attendance data, helping administrators know the potential interactions between students, faculty, and employees in support of risk mitigation and response execution.

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Iron-clad Security with DatumSure

Our goal with Safe Pass and MyWay Health EMR is to deliver total peace-of-mind to our customers by ensuring the requirements related to the use and disclosure of PHI, supports appropriate safeguards to protect PHI, enhances individual rights, and monitors administrative responsibility and compliance.

Through the integration of DatumSure’s data management platform, SafePass achieves a new level of data security and privacy by exceeding the requirements set by government regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.  Thereby, providing the means for individuals and families to prove safe health patterns, compliance with safety standards, and participation in private contact tracing and exposure notification while retaining their full privacy, autonomy, and security.

Let us give you confidence in administering safety protocols in your school.

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