SafePass for Business

The impact of COVID-19 on our communities goes far deeper than human health. It is also laying waste to the businesses that support our livelihoods.

Business owners can be held liable for not making a strong effort to establish a safety plan and protocol.

Customers need to believe that health is your priority and that every effort is being made to ensure their safety.

Employees want the peace-of-mind that their employer is serious about compliance with a safety standard.

Local government agencies need to be confident that businesses aren’t putting the larger community at risk.

SafePass is an Early-Waring System that helps you get ahead of COVID-19 by discreetly using health insights and non-intrusive contact tracing.

Social Distancing

Physical & Digital Process

Physical safety measures like social distancing and face masks make a lot of sense and straight forward to implement, but to enable an early-warning system, data needs to be captured and analyzed.  SafePass is a consumer-oriented health passport that establishes health verification rules and enforces compliance.

busines meeting

Insights Analysis

The data that powers a SafePass early-warning system is made up, in part, by personal health information (PHI), so we built it on MyWay Health EMR, a HIPAA compliant electronic medical records system. With privacy and security at its core potential risk situations are addressed without jeopardizing personal privacy.


Response Protocol

When SafePass identifies potential health situations defined by custom business rules it triggers automated workflows, alerting those who were affected by the situation, your business’ COVID coordinator, and local health officials when appropriate – saving you valuable time and enabling a rapic response.

Business Rules & Compliance

Operational workflows are designed into Safe Pass and customized to meet your business requirements. Workflows incorporate internal communications and external alerts to local health departments, often defined by state and local government officials.

MyWay Health can support you in defining the Response Protocols, training HR staff, and assisting with compliance monitoring.

business rules workflow

Step #1

Define Your Response Protocols.

Step #2

Register Your Business & Screening Devices

Step #3

Set Up the Business’ Health Verification Requirements

Step #4

Install and Use the SafePass App

Let us help you safely operate your business with confidence.

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