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The high cost of healthcare is shifting our industry from the traditional payer model to integrative, personalized care. MyWay Health lets providers contribute to this transformation while staying relevant, accessible, and profitable.

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Direct-Pay Model

Direct-pay means you get paid upfront, pricing transparency, no claims processing, and you can deliver the right care for a fair price.

MyWay Health flips the script on the old healthcare ecosystem by giving consumers control of their health data and choices. By offering a cash-based health marketplace, consumers can define a health approach that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Set Your Fees

Online shop where you create, publish, and manage your own services and fees.

No Claims Processing

Direct-pay eliminates the overhead associated with filing and re-filing insurance claims.

Better Outcomes

Consumers achieve better outcomes by integrating physical & mental care.

No IT Overhead

MyWay Health removes IT dependencies by delivering services via the cloud.

Up-Front Payment

Consumers agree to terms up-front and pay for the services when they are delivered.

Expanded Market

Your expertise and services are available to every MyWay Health and SafePass member.

No Data Worries

Consumers own and manage their health data, taking the burden off providers.

MyWay Health EMR

HIPAA compliant EMR protecting sensitive PHI and the identities of users.

Hosted, Web-based EMR

MyWay Health is a web-based consumer-oriented EHR and medical billing solution. It is unique in that health data is owned, managed, and controlled by individual consumers and not the practice. That means even less overhead when it comes to systems and data management. MyWay Health EHR can be used across a wide variety of medical specialties, including mental health, and complementary therapy.

Cloud-Based EMR

Providers find themselves putting more effort into managing IT than ever before. MyWay Health takes that burden away by putting consumers in charge of their data and hosting the EMR in the cloud.

Our EMR platform uses blockchain technology to secure data and authorize access to providers on an as-needed basis, so you see the data only when you need it. We’ve made provider access simple. Our customer-centric platform is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and conforms to the highest standards in security, privacy, performance, and reliability.

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Consumer-Owned Data

Data is critical to delivering the best outcomes. Today our health data is stuck in silos and difficult to access. So what good is data if providers can’t see it when they need it?

Being consumer-centric ensures that a person’s health data is mobile and available to whichever providers are chosen to support their care and wellbeing. Modern technology ensures ownership and control is in the hands of the consumer. When a provider requests access to health information in support of delivering a service, the owner of the data unlocks a window, allowing the provider access to create and deliver the right supporting care.

Telehealth Enabled

Modern technology and the coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed the healthcare landscape to be more open to innovative approaches to delivering virtual care.

Seven out of ten people prefer a provider that embraces online interactions, according to an Accenture study, and more and more patients today expect telehealth options to be as viable and meaningful as in-person appointments. And telehealth supports more than conventional care, it can be a force across the healthcare spectrum in fostering ongoing relationships with personalized, context-based conversations supporting integrative care.

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MyWay Health  lets me focus on delivering the right care…

Instead of spending my time and resources managing data, HIPAA compliance, and billing for services, MyWay Health lets me focus on delivering the right care to my patients.

D. Haskins, M.D.

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