Take control of your healthcare.

MyWay Health is a transformational health platform that empowers consumers with personal ownership and access control over their health data. Our platform removes the burden of data management from providers to let them focus on delivering the highest quality of care. 

New approach to family healthcare

Awesome Benefits

No more shareholders telling hospital systems and insurance companies what to think about your healthcare.

It’s amazing what happens when we are in control of our own health destiny. We seek out providers we trust from across the conventional, behavioral and alternative care spectrum to guide us to healthier, happier lives.

Transparent Pricing

By publishing prices we create a transparet elastic market and consumer fairness.

Care Advocacy

Easily advocate care on behalf of dependent children and any consenting adult.

Integrative Health

Integrate Western medicine with alternative therapies to personalize your health.

Health Data Ownership

You own and control your health data and can share with the providers you know and trust.

HSA Friendly

Utilize your personal or employer provided health savings account (HSA) on the app.

Extended Care Network

No more limitations on who you can and can’t see to support your health and wellness objectives.

illustration of a family considering healthcare options

Health Passport

MyWay Health created SafePass in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a health passport system that monitors community symptoms and provides data for organizations and communities to plan and manage risk. SafePass helps communities get back to work, school, friends, and lives.

SafePass For Schools

See how MyWay Health SafePass can help your schools return to safe, face-to-face learning using symptoms tracking and non-invasive contact tracing.

SafePass For Business

Get back to work safely using SafePass from MyWay Health. Know before you go if the risk of COVID-19 exposure is High, Medium, or Low.

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